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Modding made easy with WiiClip

Now there is an easy way to mod your Wii that can be safer and less damaging to your Wii console. The Wii Clip is a device that works as an adapter for easy installation of Wii modchips. When you are sure about the kind of console you have, then you can choose the right Wii modchip and the Wii Clip compatible with your drive chip set. The WiiClip can support modchips including Wiikey, D2C Key, D2C Pro, D2Pro, Argon, Wasabi and Infectus.

To use the Wii Clipyou only have to push the cover onto the drive chip (for pre-soldered chips) or you have to solder the mod chip to the clip and then slide the cover over the drive chipset. Unlike installing mod chips on the drive chipset, using the Wii Clip eliminates soldering on the Wii itselt. It makes it easy to remove the Wii chip from the chipset. When you want to restore your Wii to its original state, all you have to do is pull out the WiiClip cover from the chipset. While it is not soldered onto your Wii, the Wii Clip and modchip are guaranteed to stay in place in normal usage.

It is convenient to use the Wii Clip to mod your Wii. It does not take much skill for anyone to install the Wii modchip to the Wii console with the WiiClip. The entire process of soldering and clipping takes only a few minutes to complete. It is important, though, to make sure that you only patronize original WiiClips. Substandard Wii Clips from scrupulous sites are potentially harmful for your Wii – it could even prove to be fatal to your console.

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