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best performing modchip on the market right now. Does not require GCOS to play GameCube imports.


WiiBuster Wii ModChip

WiiBuster Wii ModChip

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Wii Buster Features

The WiiBuster is the fifth Wii modchip announced. It's features and functionality are the same as all of the other first generation Nintendo Wii drive mod chips, but it's not known if it is upgradable or compatible with the D2B DVD-ROM drives. I'll post more information on this page when I can.


* Plays Nintendo Wii Backups from DVD-R / DVD+R discs.
* Plays GameCube Backups from DVD-R and DVD+R discs.
* Plays GC Homebrew programs
* Plays GC Imports (swap needed)
* Built-in Audiofix for GC games using streaming. Works flawlessly, no patch required.
* DVD-R / DVD+R support
* Optional chip disable wire (Stealth-Mode)

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Installation Diagram/Instructions

What you're basically going to have to do to install the chip is to take apart your Nintendo Wii to access the DVD-ROM's serial port which you will solder the chip onto.

Recommended Tools
* Soldering Iron (15 watt)
* Rosin Core Solder
* 30 Guage Wire
* Wire Cutters
* Soldering Flux (Helps solder bond to points)
* TriWing Screw Bit or Driver (Required)
* Micro Mini Phillips Head Screwdriver (Required)
* Razor Blade (Helps to remove screw covers)
* Tweezers (Helps to remove screw covers)
* Eletrical Tape (Insulate the WiiBuster from shorts)
* Double Sided Foam Tape (Hold the WiiBuster in place)

I would first start out by stripping the wire with your wire cutters to expose a little portion of them. Next dip the ends of all five wires in flux then "tin" them by covering them with a little bit of solder. Next locate the soldering points on the DVD-ROM drive and cover each one with flux. Now simply touch your tinned wire onto the point with your iron and it should bond instantly. Next solder the wires onto the WiiBuster and you're good to go!
Make sure to cover both the solder points and chip with some eletrical tape to avoid shorting it out which could possibly render your Nintendo Wii useless.

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