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D2Pro Wii ModChip

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Wii Gaming Made Better with D2Pro

The practice of modding started with the introduction of the Playstation system. This time was marked with the emergence of optical media or CDs used in gaming. Modding or modifying a game system was introduced as a way of circumventing built-in identity mechanisms such as regional coding and copy protection. With the use of wii mod chips or through sofmod programs like twilight hack, wii consoles can be modified to play backup discs and homebrew software. Modding could also install other operating systems to adapt the wii console for other uses.

Experts recommend that you only use wii modchips that are compatible with your wii consoles chipset. To find out what your chipset version is, you just have to open your wii console and look at the codes etched on the chipset. For the D2C chipset, the D2Pro v2 Wii Mod Chip will provide the matching support.

The D2Pro v2 Wii Mod Chip is the updated version of the D2Pro which is an upgrade from the D2CKey. While the D2CKey has a staggering thirty fine solder points, these recent updates only have nine solder points making them easier to install. For those using the older D2CKey, it is recommended that a professional be hired to do the installation since it involves a lot of soldering work.

For even easier installation, you can use the V4 wii clip to install your D2Pro v2 Wii Mod Chip to your D2C chipset. A newer lauch in the D2Pro modchip family in recent months is the D2Pro9 v3. This particular modchip supports D2E chipsets.

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