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Wi-iC - Nintendo Wii ModChip

WiiD Wii ModChip
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WIIC mod chip with flash memory based upgradeable firmware. Upgrades can be made via DVD-R ISO image or from a GC SD Loader DOL file. WI-IC MicroSD Edition (WIICOS) The first Nintendo Wii Modchip with independent Operating System for homebrew applications. WiicOS replaces Wii OS and Channels to give you full homebrew capability.

Wi-iC MOD Features

  • WII/GC Backup play
  • Suports multi-disc games
  • GC Import play with swap
  • GC Homebrew play
  • GC Audiofix
  • Easy install Quicksolder or 5 wires Gold-plated solder pads Thin (0.3mm) PCB
  • Multi-Function LED indicator POST (Power On Self Test) Install Diagnostic and Status
  • Failsafe Update (recover after failed update) Disc Channel (DVD) Photo Channel (requires 1 extra wire)
  • Non-volatile configuration storage
  • Optional wire for full chip disable
  • ESD (anti static) packaging
  • RoHS compliant (PbFree)
  • WII Console: EU/JPN/US version
  • DVD Drive/Chipset: Any (currently known)
  • DVD Media: DVD-R, DVD+R

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does WiiC "FAIL-SAFE Update" mean?

WI-IC and WI-IC_SD have are delivered from factor with "basic function" (BIOS) only - this BIOS has only minimal functionality required to enable I/O channels required for basic function and update. "FAILSAFE" means that should the update process get interrupted (by disconnecting power as example) or be unsuccesful then the BIOS remains functional and can perform another update. Additionally on WI-IC the new update has to "self validate" itself each time it is executed. If not then the BIOS does not execute it any more. WI-IC_SD updates do not need to self-validate itself, but on WI-IC_SD there is update functionality that can not be disabled. Those it is always possible to make a new update.

Do I need DVD update to enable region free?

No. WI-IC basic function has special feature that uses WII EJECT button to select region or disable the region free function. There is no need to perform any update to enable region free.

Wiic DVD update - do I need to burn new DVD for each update?

WI-IC udpates can be done via DVD or via DOL file loaded from SD Card adapter. In the later case there is no need to burn new DVD for each new update. Sufficient is to have one SDLOAD boot DVD for your region and SD Card adapter (for GC Slot). SDLOAD boot DVD images for all regions are available for download at WI-IC ftp site.

Can I re-program the WI-IC basic function (BIOS)?

Basically it is possible as the IC has no permanent protection. However after such reflashing the WI-IC functionality can not be restored anymore. Those you can only use it with your own firmware. WI-IC standard can be reprogrammed with simple SPI low-voltage programmer. WI-IC_SD requires high voltage programmer for reprogramming the basic function.

NOTE: Should you reprogram the BIOS, then it is your responsibiliy what you do with WI-IC as the WIIC team can not help you any more.

For WI-IC standard updates no programming equipment is required.

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