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D2Sun Wii ModChip

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The Right Modchip Match for D2C Chipset - D2Csun

It is imperative that you use the correct modchip match to your drive's chipset so as not to endanger your wii console. Wii modchips come in several versions to match wii versions released by Nintendo. The D2Sun Wii Mod Chip in particular is compatible with the D2C chipset. It also supports chipset versions such as DMS, D2A, D2B and D2C2. The D2Sun Wii Mod Chip is advertised as an all-in-one modding solution.

The D2Sun Wii Mod Chip directly boots original and backup wii games as well as Game Cube originals and backups. Multigame discs for wii and game cube are likewise supported by the D2Sun Wii Mod Chip. What's more, the D2Sun Wii Mod Chip does not affect RAM and is therefore not detectable by wii freeware.

Original and backup copies of Wii and Game Cube games with different video modes are supported by the D2Sun Wii Mod Chip's partial region free support. It likewise directly boots Wii and Game Console games from different NTSC regions on wii consoles from the USA and Japan. The mod chip also boasts of having a fix to Game Console audio streaming, a feature that is not available in other mod chips.

Wii clip adapters can be used to make the D2Sun Wii Mod Chip attachment less intrusive for your wii console. After soldering the modchip to the wii clip, all you have to do is to slide the wii clip cover over the chipset. Using a wii clip to attach this mod chip to the chipset eliminates the danger of physically altering the internal configuration of your wii console. Wii clip models V5B and V12 are compatible with D2Sun and D2Sun V2 mod chips respectively.

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The Chip

WiiKey FAQ (more here)

Will D2Csun mod chip work with Nintendo Wii ONLINE games?
The manufacturer says Yes, and I would have to agree with that. D2Csun and all the rest of the flirts generation mods for Wii are Drive Chips, so they DO NOT modify anything in the Firmware of the console and are "invisible" to the Wii operating system. (They modify the responses that the DVD Drive sends to the motherboard when verifying discs authenticity). This does not mean that we are 100% safe and that Nintendo will never can't come up with a way to detect the chips, but if the history is anything to go by we are safe. (Also good to know that all Nintendo DS online games when played from a NDS Flash Card work just fine so the big N is not to worried about piracy)

wii media player MFEIs there any special upgrades you have to do after chipping the system to get it to play DVD movies?
No, the chips is up and running as soon as you have it installed. (Configuration is need for enabling Region override to play imported games PAL on NTSC and NTSC on PAL.)1st gen ModChips don't modify Wi OS and don't add new Channels so to play movies you have to use a GameCube homebrew application called MFE Mediaplayer that comes with the D2Csun Base Disc (disc used for configuring D2Csun options). MFE MediaPlayer runs a stripped down version of Linux on the Wii, but its navigation is easy and compatibility is great.

Can GameCube games be burned onto regular size DVD-Roms and be played on the chipped Wii?
Yes they can! No need for mini-DVD any more. And homebrew applications can use all the 4.7 GB of a DVD and are not limited to regular GC disc size.

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