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Wii Argon InFeCtuS

Wii Argon ModChip

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Argon Wii Mod Chip Gives Another Modding Option

Modifying your wii consoles through wii modchips is a popular way of making your consoles read backup game CDs of wii and Game Cube. While other wii mods can be done by simply by installing modchips that tricks the DVD sensor, the Argon Wii Mod Chip from team InFeCtuS uses a multifunctional JTag that requires a professional programmer to install. Additional hardware consisting of an Infectus device and an Injectus programmer are necessities in using the Infectus Argon Wii Mod Chip.

This Infectus Argon Wii Mod Chip is made with a last generation ACTEL chip that is reprogrammable with various freeware. This wii modchip can be used with the D2C chipset. Improvements in the wire count on the Infectus Argon Wii Mod Chip are set to be introduced by the manufacturers of the Infectus Argon Wii Mod Chip.

Argon wii mod chips have almost the same features of the D2CKey such as direct boot of Wii and Game Cube backups and homebrew programs. It also supports region-free play as well as Game Cube games audio streaming. As this wii modchip uses the JTag connector, the manufacturers recommend that the same connector be the preferred upgrade instrument. The JTag makes it possible to update the wii modchip even if it is not connected to the wii console. It is this same facility that allows the wii chip to be reprogrammed. But as other wii modchips are already upgradable online or through DVDs, the possibility of these upgrade methods for the Infectus Argon Wii Mod Chip are being looked into by the manufacturers.

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Argon Review : Wii Mod-Chip

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