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  Best Wii ModChip Brands

WiiKey - Xeno Wii
best compatibility and plenty of options to modify and personaloze your wii.
CycloWiz v2
Second Wii ModChips announced by CycloPS team - CycloWiz.
Wiinja v2 Deluxe
updated version of a chip that improves the 1st mod

  Latest Modding News

WiiKey Update
adds better compatibility for playing PAL games on NTSC consoles. Bug fix.

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List of Official online sellers for Nintendo Wii mods from: Team Cyclops' CycloWiz v1 and v2, Xeno's WiiKey, Wiinja v1, v2 and Deluxe and WiiD and Wasabi V2 modchips. Those listed below have been confirmed to be reliable stores. You can try your luck with eBay sellers and other retailers, but be warned that with unofficial sellers you get no warranty and you can end up getting a fake / clone chip that will not work with the latest game isos and modchip firmware upgrades.

Buy Nintendo Wii ModChips


buy wiikeybuy at Online Console Source [USA & Canada]
Sells: DriveKey, D2CKey, CycloWiz, WiiD ModChip and Xeno WiiKey ModChip Ffor Nintendo Wii plus Twi-Wing screwdriver required to open the Nintendo consoles.Visit to find Mod Chips, and accessories for Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox, PlayStation 2, PSP, Wii, NDS Lite and GameCube. Fast international Shipping and great customer service.


buy wasabi argonbuy at Wii-Chip.co.uk [UK - Free Shipping WorldWide]
Great store with free delivery to UK, USA and the rest of the world. All the latest Wii Chips from DriveKey x4 and Argon to D2Sun.
For easy installation provides Solderless Wii Chips (WiiClip with the mod soldered in for you so all you have to do it clicp it on to the motherboard...)


Buy wii chip USAbuy at Concole24 [Europe - Shipping Worldwide]
Sells: The latest universal WASABI V2 chips that are conpatible with all verions of Wii from USA, EUR, JAP and Injectus USB, Argon, D2CKey WiiKey. Also awailable are installation sets that include all the wires, solder, cables, isolating double-sided adhesive tape etc. (prices listed in € Euros )


Buy wii chip USAbuy at ...More Stores [UK - With Free Shipping to USA]
We are currently testing 2 more stores and after we get the chips delivered and tested will hopefuly be able to add them to teh list here are a goo dplace to order from.


Do NOT Buy from the following stores as they are not relyable:

buy at ModChip Store [USA]
(after management change there are many reports of items NOT being delivered and support NOT replying to any help requests. Avoid)
buy wasabi shippingSells: CycloWiz V2, Nintendo WiiKey mod as well as DS Lite Flash Cards, Xbox360 and PS2 Mods and Provides installatin & Pre-Modified consoles. Play Original Backups & Imports! Xbox, DS (Lite), GameCube, PS2, PSP, and Xbox 360 Mod Chips.

buy at Linker 4 U.com [China]
(problems with items not-in-stock and extremely long delivery times. Also known to be shipping FAKE / CLONE chips that can damage Wii)
Sells: Wi-iC and WiiKey ModChip for Wii and mods for PSX, PlayStation2, GameBoy Advance, Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, XBox360 and GameCube. One of the biggest video game and PC wholesaler & distributor, on-line stores in Asia.

Sorry to inform you that after recieving complaints from Sony / M$ and Nintendo DiViNEO stores have removed ModChips from their online stores. Still an OK place to get video game console accessories.

Buy wii modchip UKbuy at Divineo.com [USA]

buy at Divineo.cn [China]





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» DriveKey
Currently the best Wii mod-chip that is compatible with all Wii versions and has all the needed features to be called the best :)

drivekey drive chip


» WiiKey Xeno ModChip
Best known Wii mod-chip for playing Backups, Imports and running Game Cube games and software.

wiikey xeno wii chip


» CycloWiz V2 universal wii mod
Another great chip for modding your console. Compatible will all types of motherboards. Upgradable via DVD.

cyclowiz universal mod


» 78 Mod Chip For Wii
New and very promising new modchip that is already available for sale at a competitive low price.

WiiD mddification


wii chips

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