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Nintendo Wii MODsWiiLoader uses proprietary technology to enable your Nintendo Wii to play import games from any other region. Using WiiLoader you can now, for example, easily play U.S. games on a European Nintendo Wii console, or play Japanese games on a U.S. console.
• Launch and play imported Nintendo Wii games from any region
• No need to modify your console - keeps your warranty intact
• Play US and Japanese games on a PAL GameCube
• Play PAL games on a US or Japanese Nintendo Wii
• Fast and easy to use

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Why You need a Wii Mod-Chip:

- Can you give an example of the type of media (DVD-r/+r) that can be used for this? Can you buy a burnable mini-dvd and if so where? If not, do we need to modify the case to allow for a full size dvd?

Both mini and full size DVD-R and DVD+R media work. Mini-dvd media is a lot more expensive than full size media, and usually less reliable. An example of working mini-dvd media are TDK 2x 1.4GB DVD-R. An example of working full size dvd media are Phillips 8x 4.7GB DVD-R and DVD+R. In order to use full sized media you need to remove the top cover of your cube, or buy a replacement case. A dremel is also an option for some people...

- What about DVD-RW or DVD+RW media?

The laser pot needs to be adjusted to be able to read DVD+/-RW media, and is only reported to work on some cubes.

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